MarsCon Karaoke Songlist!

Saturday – 10:30pm, Main Programming

Ways to View the Song List:

How to Karaoke:

  • Find a song from the list
  • Write your name, song title, and artist on the slip of paper
  • Hand the slip of paper to me, the clown
  • Be ready to sing on your turn!
    • There’s a scroll bar with the turn order plus I’ll call out who’s on deck to remind you
  • Sing!
  • Place the mic back in its holder or hand it to the next singer; be gentle!
  • Repeat!

Rules, Etiquette, and Other Stuff:

  • Tips accepted and appreciated!
  • DO: Be kind! Negative comments about ability or appearance aren’t appropriate here.
  • DO: Cheer on other singers!
  • DO: Feel free to come and go when you aren’t on deck for a turn! It’s a con; go where the mood suits you!
  • DON’T: Don’t pressure people to sing
  • DON’T: Don’t place open containers on the table with the laptop or soundboard
  • DON’T: sign up for another song until you’ve finished your turn; it’s okay to have your slip of paper ready to hand in as soon as your step off stage though!
  • Metricula reserves the right to moderate choices and participants as needed
  • This event will be geared toward adults, but children are welcome if guardians are comfortable with the content. Older teens are invited to sing; teens and kids under 15 should check with Metricula before signing up to sing without a parent/guardian
  • Duets will count as both of your places in the rotation
  • If you know a song is too high or too low for you, you can request the song be in a different key if you know what you’d like it to be instead! Read more here.

DIY Karaoke Tracks?

Interested in making and bringing your own karaoke tracks or switching the lyrics to your own parodies? You can use Kara Lyric Editor, an open source tool!


  • Tracks MUST be original work or original arrangements of the background music (do NOT just remove vocals from a recording you do not own)
  • Email tracks to me by Thursday, January 12th
  • Tracks MUST be in CD+G format

Want to hire me for karaoke?

Contact me for package and travel rates!