The Salacious Crumbles:

fangirls without shame

The Salacious Crumbles are Leigh Tyberg and Madison Metricula Roberts! Our first mini-EP, Carbonite is out NOW on all major streaming services and can be downloaded for FREE on Bandcamp! Follow us on Facebook and YouTube!

Crumbles For Sale:

Give Us That Funny Paper

$100 Goal - Produce the Album
$350 Goal - Get New Instruments

Help us reach our goal!

Starting on August 1st, your album pre-orders, music purchases, and tips will help us license the “Crumbles For Sale” EP of Beatles covers that you get to vote on (as well as some software for Madison) AND–once we fill that goal–go toward new band instruments and equipment! We’re especially looking to fund a particular mandolin that Leigh has had her eye on!

Vote for your Top 5 Beatles songs here!

Ways to support us: