The snails and kuhli loaches are LIVING for the snello
These are just *some* of the tracks I was involved with for the #filk song swap album!
We did a thing!! I worked really hard to produce and organize this, and I’m so proud of everyone involved!! The album has everything from intimate a cappella tracks to death metal; it’s wild and so creative! The album will be free Dec 8, but you can get early access by donating to our Tiltify campaign for @hollandsopusfdn !!
First election as a chief judge: complete!! 15-04 signing out
I wish we could all chill on a leaf
Our precinct votes in an elementary school, so the BOE gave us word searches to give out 😁
I can’t believe my Icarus will be 17 this winter!! This is a portrait my mom, @yknot17, did of us a couple years ago.
My constant companion through nearly two decades of my life. It’s always special when an animal loves you, but there’s fewer joys than a creature that can fly choosing to fly to *you*.
Dinner was crispy, garlicky pernil pork shoulder, kale/onions, baked sweet potato (classic Beauregards) rubbed with sesame oil, lime rice made with homemade chicken broth, and an apple crumble in the oven with Gold Rush apples. Not pictured: jalapeño pineapple salsa from @flamingamys 

Btw: I hadn’t had Gold Rush but they’re great!! It’s this perfect hybrid of baking and eating apples; flesh is tart and holds texture after hard baking, but still soft enough that it’s easy to eat raw and less astringent than Granny Smiths but similar sourness
Second try at pernil, and the tap check was a success!!!! The skin cracked away DELICIOUSLY
Ready for actual chilly weather here in Raleigh with a lip gloss inspired by native cattails! It’s a semi-sheer cool brown with green-gold duochrome shimmer and a light pecan scent, $5 on my shop!