“Due to melodic and thematic similarities between “Bella’s Lullaby” from the Twilight soundtrack and the “Ness’s House” theme from the 1994 SNES release Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan), it is likely these properties are set in the same narrative universe. In this essay I will”
R’s parents dropped off a treasure trove of he and his brother’s game stuff from when they were kids, including their Atari 2600, games, SNES manuals, handwritten notes, and the Link to the Past Nintendo Power!
I picked up this vibrant, yarn themed tarot set from @dr_cacophonie’s Clover Dreams book shop!
Adventures with bae!
Juniper doesn’t like the storm but I also don’t like her tail in my nose
They’ve seen too much
I HAVE PEEPSI thanks to Jenna and Jarrett!!!
I need to photoshop her with a li’l Dos Equis 😅
That’s not how you use a keyboard, Juniper
I am so confused by the 69ing taco turtles
Icarus grumpy I’m trying to make him pose while we chill on the front steps
I am physically unable to handle how cute Reeci is