@wonderlandleighleigh gave me a prize!!
Cameraman Cas is on the job!
And off they go!
Vibing with my buddy at Lake Johnson
Passiflora at the Lake Johnson spillway
So much coming along well in the tank! You can see me smiling in glass, lol
Love my kuhli loach noodles
Dyed my hair back to a more natural color
Possible knuckle tat idea?
Icarus would like to speak to a manager about refilling the millet
Sometimes we all just need a good sploot
"The use of terror tactics--even if only by a minority--has created an environment of fear 
that all members enjoy the privilege of when people are unwilling to engage because 
they are afraid that they'll be next:

that their websites will be attacked,
that their information will be stolen,
that their employers will be harassed,
that they'll have child pornography tweeted at them or sent to their email. 

All members benefit from that person's silence even if they were not personally responsible for the harassment."

-Folding Ideas, 2014