Our sweet kitten Reeci is enjoying outside tine with her big sister Juniper on the harness! Had to pull a  half-eaten grub away from them last night though, lol.

If you need a kitten or sweet adult cat, ping me! My friend Carolyn’s rescue works so hard to help their charges be well-adjusted and we’ll-socialized companion animals. Cannot say enough good things about their work!!
There’s no mistake about Cheney’s gross conservative politics, but I can’t help but admire the tenacity to not only stop bending the knee to Trump but to take the gloves off.
I also like it when she scolds callow men. 

“Tom Malinowski, a New Jersey Democrat, saw Liz Cheney and went over to the Republican Conference chair. He was angry. 

“I hope you’ll agree with me that the minute they give the all-clear, once they get all these fuckers out of here, we march right back into the chamber—” 

“—and impeach the son of a bitch,” Cheney said, finishing the sentence. 

Actually, that was not what Malinowski was going to say. He meant that they should march back in to finish the vote count. But he certainly agreed with Cheney’s sentiment”

— The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021 by Peter Baker, Susan Glasser
Repping @crsmm! #hatbitch
First live show in a couple years; mixed feelings about taking work during the pandemic but DANG I love singing these nerdy songs. #latergram #clowncore
Both Juniper and Reeci want to come to Necronomicon!! #WorkTrip #LoveMyJob
I ADORE my new Pelican case! We splurged and got the totally reconfigurable foam dividers and it’s AMAZING and aggressively orange
Ready for Elf School in Reykjavik!
Kid in a candy store!
Knitting at election training to stay focused for democracy 🤣 
@blackelephant.uk and @biscotteyarns bought from @warmnfuzzyyarn!! Pattern is a normal sock with a chevron design, modified from Heel-Toe Do Si Do from @crazysockladay!! A little bird told me the shop is getting more than TWO DOZEN colorways in our self-striping yarn restock…
Enjoying the breeze outside at Player’s Retreat!
Reeci, that’s not your millet
(Icarus is fine, we were taking a shower 🤣)