Me and my two boyfriends 
With @thefraybeneath
A treat to see Jody!!
Trying to teach @thefraybeneath how to pose for selfies
Sweetwater candy straight from the tap!!
Watching the Wolfpack men’s team play vs. Purdue here in sunny Muncie, Indiana! The women lost their Final Four game last night, and what a good run! 
Go Eagles!!
My time has come
Card pull of the day from the Clown Town Tarot by Yve Lepkowski (@clownmonger)

From the notes: “The Magician is a shameless trickster. Both you and he know that he’s taking you for a ride, but everyone enjoys the show. His magic is so obviously fake that it is potentially real. Part of the clown’s appeal is that one never knows who’s under the makeup. Could it be a creature who can cut itself in half and regenerate? Why not?“
Nature is healing, I’m over lining my lips again
Repping @officialvalentinewolfe while collecting field recordings of rusty locks with @animalweapon
Once again Twilight has been swimming up the shrimp tube when he thinks I’m putting the “good” food in there.

It’s the same food.