Bandcamp Friday Friends!

It’s another Bandcamp Friday! What a great day to pick-up The Salacious Crumbles‘  pay-what-you-want EP, “Carbonite,” music by a bunch of our Social Justice Bards, AND my solo stuff

Folks with new stuff since last Bandcamp Friday:

  • TheFifthSister: moody nerdy battle songs, new track is “Don’t Let Them Write Your History For You”!
  • The Blibbering Humdingers: Nerd wrockers family band and Bards of of Tigtone, pre-order the new album “Positively Gruntled” now!
  • Cheshire Moon: powerhouse folk! New track is “Rolling Down to Tatooine”
  • Rhiannon’s Lark: An angelic voice wrapped in sassy lyrics, new album is The Long Road!
  • Insane Ian: comedy! New track is “Delivery Boy”!
  • Cathy McManamon: singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an angelic voice! New track is “Spring Rain”!
  • Ronen: comedy, rock, and nerdiness! New single is “One Year,” a BNL parody!
  • Catch some of these folks live on my weekly Triple Six show!

More Friends and Coworkers!