Also Richard melted Juniper
Reeci, you are not a plant!!!
Enjoying the breeze today with the ladies
My love, my Valentine

Also we just won trivia at Locked & Loaded as a two-person team
We skeet from the cyber business room
My fluffy baby
Reeci has big, “Why have you disturbed me” energy 🤣🤣
A glimpse of the full kit! Thanks, #GAFilk!
We shine up all right! Thanks for showing us a good time, #GAFilk!
I didn’t know I’d reach peak comedy so early in the day
Porky’s 2 is Dean Winchester’s favorite movie.
Porky’s had a sequel. Porky’s *2* had a sequel.

I understand that they mean today-today, but still. 
Panels like these at conservative-leaning conventions almost always devolve into humor being “PC” now so everyone is too sensitive to laugh at lighthearted plot devices like rape. 

We cut no corners