Sometimes we all just need a good sploot
"The use of terror tactics--even if only by a minority--has created an environment of fear 
that all members enjoy the privilege of when people are unwilling to engage because 
they are afraid that they'll be next:

that their websites will be attacked,
that their information will be stolen,
that their employers will be harassed,
that they'll have child pornography tweeted at them or sent to their email. 

All members benefit from that person's silence even if they were not personally responsible for the harassment."

-Folding Ideas, 2014
One of the pink ramshorns making a beeline to the snello I just dropped in about 30 seconds ago, lol. They’re FAST when they have a goal!
Re-reading a paper copy of this today.

“In accordance with the rhetorical principle of identification, whenever you find a doctrine of ‘nonpolitical’ esthetics affirmed with fervor, look for its politics.”

- Kenneth Burke, 
A Rhetoric of Motives
Still obsessed with this @animalweapon roto keyframe!
From the Clown Town Tarot by @clownmonger: “A thrilling double act—the circus strongwoman and her fierce lion! The obvious interpretation is physical strength. But remember, they work as a team.”
Soooooooon we apply heat
Also damn I LOOOOOOVED this Los Lonely Boys record
Reeci wants the dove so bad but I’ve been feeding this pair of doves for YEARS and they know how glass works 😂
Card of the day: you are stronger than you think you are! Should you *have* to be “strong”? No, it sucks. What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you. It’s okay if it leaves you fragile; every day you open your eyes one more time is at least one more day you survived against depression, trauma, or adversity.
Surviving isn’t thriving, but you made it one more day. 

Surviving can be an act of creativity and rebellion. 

I saw a meme once that was like, “It’s okay if your only reason for getting through the next ten minutes is that you may as well wait until your bagel is done toasting.”

You don’t need grand reasons to exist or justify wanting to. It can be stupid stuff, like thinking Dragon Age 4 might actually come out
The Trading Post theme for May is “Flower Power,” so now my main gets to save Azeroth with a giant Sunflower Staff. #Tauren #Druid
If you need to see it today: this too shall pass
An encouraging draw today!