Hallmark Holiday Advent Day 5: Dogs Make Their People Do Sex (A Christmas Wedding Tail)


The Brady Bunch parents are fine but get stressed out about the wedding. The Cool Mom gives up her dreams to marry Wine Dad and Tom Arnold yells at people.

Dramatis Personae (that matter)

Frankly no one matters.

  • Cool Mom – moved back home when she lost a fancy job
  • Wine Dad – owns a winery
  • Tom Arnold – not important to the plot other than communicating a job offer but at the end he tries to headhunt the preacher

There are kids and dogs but honestly they mostly just fill time with insert shots.

Rating: 4 Leg Humps out of 10

Nothing in this movie matters. They get married, whatever. The dogs run around. Possibly sponsored by Purdue Chicken.

Stunning Chicken

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