Here’s a video of one of my Fieris from my Sims House of Fieris cuddling their kitten, Nugget
Putting the “warm” in @warmnfuzzyyarn!! The AC at the shop cut off last night with the storm so we moved into the shady breeze! Fortunately the AC was fine after I flipped the breaker and it’s cooling off!
Now *this* is a review that sells games
My dad’s cousin found some home movies of a beach trip circa  the late 60s! This is my grandma Olga sashaying onto the sand at Wrightsville Beach!
Yarn wenchin’
Seriously, if you’re local and are looking for kittens I know *just* the place to visit some!
Also that sound, lol
Do you need a kitten or two
A perfect bun
I could not for the life of me Name  Game “Maya” for literally no reason other than brain farts 😂 #outtakes
The new zebra finch, Bluegrass, is an escape artist… time to twist-tie the doors!
Tonight, 7pmET: I review centaurs and play Monster Prom! I’ll be unboxing Avea Trotter from the Monster High series, a centaur dog toy with nipples, AND user-submitted centaurs! We’ve got two more spots for Monster Prom, too! Event is on my FB!