After finally getting it from the neighbors (just a little mailbox oops), I’m adoring my copy of this! Thanks, @enfysbook!!!
I brushed Juniper and tucked some of the fur into the finch cage, and the boys *immediately* started lining the nest with it. They know the drill on fur day, lol.

They’re still in the tiny cage because I’m lazy and haven’t cleaned the big one, but at least they’re warm!
And with bae!
Swatching shadows and taking selfies! Right before I wash my face for the night is a perfect time to practice!!
Happy New Year from the finches!
Icarus and I are isolating in the studio/guest room while I wait on test results! 
…Oh, and can’t forget Elwood!
Bud, I dunno about hanging out by the cat tree 
(The cat isn’t in the room, every one is safe <3)
Rocking that band merch
A holiday classic by my recently-passed favorite romance author Donna Kauffman
This is it, my greatest work. My favorite song and my favorite movie, the thing that clawed it’s way from my brain and my sheer manic enthusiasm
At last, the maker rests 

Anyway it’s the Freeway scene from Matrix Reloaded but the music is “Convoy” instead of “Mona Lisa Overdrive”
Work selfies!!