Juniper is losing her mind over her catnip Todoroki body pillow #mha 
Picked this up from @cavernsandcalicos at MarsCon! Thanks to Chris for the rec!
You guys I was *so* close to hitting the nail on the head after literally describing Mulder #sims4 #BandConvos
Practicing my Sims4 custom content skills by making band tees and booty shorts of bands I love!! Modeled by Sim!Me and Dark Fieri (he’s a vampire)
Loving the guitar added by @cphaurckker on @wonderlandleighleigh ‘s “Ode to the Great Negotiator” at the end-of-con Round Robin! #SalaciousCrumbles #MarsConVA
Look what @wonderlandleighleigh and I have for @marsconofficial!!!
Mashups!! #SteelyDan #GreenDay
I have no idea what this is but it’s delicious and yes, moist
#MeTREKula train selfie! CHOO CHOO HERE I COME
Heading back down south with my baby
One last lunch with @wonderlandleighleigh!!
I have a bindle of latkes!! Now I need a bindle stick for catching the train
A collection of things that make chords for The Crumbles! My guitar went to visits its cousins in Baltimore!