Hallmark Holiday Advent Day 1: A Christmas BANGER (A Christmas Duet)


Okay, so in this one the two leads used to be a famous music duo, and she got tired of the road and runs an inn where it snows a lot. He’s struggling to regain success on a small town tour. Surprise! He gets stuck and stays at the inn and they sing the duet at the town festival that the Female Lead hosted. The B plot is a hotel critic that starts off frosty but then warms up to the inn and falls in love with the Male Lead’s tour manager and they go fuck off to Europe. There’s a dog and a baby and cookies.

A Christmas Duet is actually pretty charming, and one of the few Hallmark entries featuring Black leads. There are occasionally some weird optics that are just glossed over (the white event planner won’t shake the male lead’s hand because the planner had a cold, but it was weird and seemed weird). The two leads are utterly charming though and their signature song is a BANGER.

Dramatis Personae (that matter)

  • Female Lead – Owns an Inn, juggles impressing the Critic and running the town festival
  • Male Lead – guitarboi but she heals him with her love and stability
  • Critic – starts off as a bitch but then she warms up to the Tour Manager, loves travel because of her dead husband?
  • Tour Manager – longtime friend of the lead duo, the Critic knew him for 2 days and then goes to bang across Europe with her
  • Checkov’s Pregnant Friend – gives surprise birth on Christmas Eve, is a guitarboi fangirl
  • Dog – awesome

Rating: 9 Guitarbois out of 10

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