Fieri House



Okay, so I started playing Sims 4 when it was on sale on Steam and I made an entire house of Guy Fieris. You can watch me stream it on Twitch (check out the FAQ to turn on notifications!)! I’m NOT an experienced Simmer, but sometimes ALL FIVE FIERIS get on the slip ‘n slide together and it is wholesome.

Meet the Fieris of #FieriHouse!

Guy Fieri (Orange Shades)

This is Guy Fieri, or Orange Fieri. When he’s tired, he’ll just keep making coffee instead of just going to bed. I relate to him. Guy works as a celebrity chef and is the household breadwinner.

Guy Fieri (Blue Shades)

This is Guy Fieri, or Blue Fieri. When he first moved in, Guy actually chose to go into standup comedy instead of cooking. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Fieri!

Guy Fieri (Pink Shades)

This is Guy Fieri, or Pink Fieri. He’s currently working as a bartender, but he’s also into spooky stuff like seances! Guy is also pretty handy around the house with his love of tinkering!

Guy Fieri (Green Shades)

This is Guy Fieri, or Green Fieri. He enjoys knitting and gardening and is the stay-at-home Fieri! Every house needs a Fieri to be a home.

Guy Fieri (Vampire)

This is Guy Fieri, or Dark Fieri. He’s a vampire and loves playing with all the pets. His other main hobby is computer gaming and midnight snacks.

Donkey Sauce

This is Donkey Sauce. She’s wearing dino jammies and likes to sing along when the Fieris do karaoke.

Sushi Sauce

This is Sushi Sauce. She likes to jump on the counter so she can hiss at the dishwasher. She really fucking HATES the dishwasher.

Nugget Sauce

This is Nugget Sauce. He is very small and very lazy. You can win her love with food her letting her eat literal garbage she finds.

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