Proceeds from my new single, "Fridged", will support the Durham Crisis Response Center!

My first EP, "Songs for Gamers", will be released 20 October!

Heya! I'm in the process of updating this part of the site, but in the mean time you can find my newest music on [Twitch] and [Patreon]!
-MMR 1July2017

Free tracks:

"Queef the Magic Pussy"

"Mountain Dew"

"Let it Mrglmrglmrgl"

"Good Ship Venus" (nsfw)

"Super Mushroom"

"Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos" (nsfw)

"Lord of the Memes" (nsfw)

Filk Chords and Lyrics:

"Super Mushroom"

"Save a Horse, Ride a Time Lord"

"Let it Mrglmrglmrgl"

"Turbo Jetpack (a love song)"

"Dead Hobbit"

"Good Ship Venus (BDSM Version)"

Matt Ricula tracks:

"Pabst is Better" (nsfw)

"**** *****"

Madison Maria Roberts tracks:

"The Boar's Head Carol" (trad.)

"Gloucestershire Wassail" (trad.)

Folk/trad. Chords and Lyrics:

"Good Ship Venus"