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Metricula's Bio

Metricula is a filker, cabaret performer, and sometimes-clown. She was fired from being a summer camp counselor for at-risk teens because she kept mixing up "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with "Good Ship Venus" during campfire sing-a-longs. Undeterred, Metricula still books birthday parties for your age 18+ little ones. Metricula occasionally masquerades as nerd-culture enthusiast Madison Roberts and posts blogs and music at [].

What is Metricula?

Metricula plays guitar and sings songs, often with a comedic or nerdy bent and usually in whiteface clown makeup. Free tracks and YouTube videos of live performances are available on the [music] page. Songs range from educational to downright salty!

Other Characters:

Madison Maria Roberts

Madison (pictured here with husband and occasional co-lyricist Richard) is a scientist, knitter, and musician from Raleigh, NC. She loves to perform and swap traditional British Isles and Appalachian folk music as well as Americana and old time. You can find Madison on [Facebook] or as her cabaret alter-ego Metricula. She posts blogs and free music at [].

Matt Ricula

A cousin of Metricula, Matt occasionally fills in for her speaking engagements. Matt is a prominent Men's Rights Activist and available for motivational speaking amd musical performances at drag shows and cabarets. He will also accept SWEET, SWEET LOVE.

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