Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos

Madison Metricula Roberts

Madison sings verses, choruses are unison

Verse 1:

We Cdon't keep track of money or know where our gear is stored

We Fdon't keep up with back stories or Cread a word of lore

We just Cloose the fateful lightning of our E7fracking magic Amswords

We D7slaughter G7all night Clong



CGlory, glory Murder Hobos

FGlory, glory Murder CHobos

CGlory, glory Murder E7HoAmbos

D7Roll iG7nitiaCtive

Verse 2:

We're Cstealing sacred objects from indigenous peoples

We're Fchecking every trunk and barrel Cfor shiny baubles

CGenocide's a useful tool for E7all minor Amsquabbles

We D7slaughter G7all night Clong


Verse 3:

CNow we're so high level that we've gotten too OP

The Fonly beings we've yet to kill are Call the deities

We'll Cdon their sacred vestments and then E7laugh at all the Amplebes

We D7slaughter G7all night Clong


Last chorus may be repeated if crowd is really into it


We D7slaughter G7all night Clong