400 Miles (David’s Song)

Madison Metricula Roberts

D Dmaj7 C G

DOpen up a picture with your brown eyes

Dmaj7A nervous look before I start the drive

C400 miles to be with you

GIt’s worth it just to be with you

DBut hours drag on for my wandering mind

Dmaj7Take a wrong turn and doubts come flying

CI’ll’ve 48 hours to spend with you

GIs that too long to spend with you

D A F#m Bm

DCar door slams and I can barely breathe

Dmaj7I knock three times so uncertainly

CAnd you’re there at the door looking back at me

GYou’re right there looking back at me

DYou grab my bag take me to your room

Dmaj7Close the door, it’s all so soon

CI bury my face in the scent of you

GI can’t help but be into you

But BmI am so unGsure how to Deven start with Ayou

my Bmrequest you take in Gstride

And then your Dlips are pressed on Amine

D Dmaj7 C G

DClothes fall off and I’m losing my head

Dmaj7400 miles for you in bed

CAll this way to be with you

G400 miles to be with you

DMy hands trace over your back tattoos

Dmaj7You grip so hard that I start to bruise

CI can’t believe I’m this close to you

GI’m so lucky to be close to you

D A F#m Bm

DMy legs spread open and my heart is wide

Dmaj7You’ve got me now and I can’t hide

CYou lock my gaze and get into me

GI just want you to be into me

DI writhe under you, your hands are strong

Dmaj7To hear you come was like a song

CI bury my face in the sweat of you

GI can’t help but be wet for you

D A F#m Bm

DPanting hard on the bed relieved

Dmaj7That I traveled here and you seem pleased

CI’m pressed up on the length of you

Snuggled on the length of you

And BmI would slit myGself wide oDpen to fit Amore of you inside of me

And BmI am so aGfraid of how it Dfeels that I Aturn myself away

So won’t Bmsee my tearing Geyes or fragile Dheart

But I’m still Ahere

D Dmaj7 C G