"Super Mushroom"
to the tune of "Nancy Whiskey"
lyrics by Madison Metricula

capo 4 or whatever is comfortable
Intro: G Em C D
[G]I am a [Em]plumber an [C]Italian [D]plumber
And [G]I love a [Em]princess, [C]Peach is her [D]name
[G]But she will not [Em]ride my [C]one-hun-dred-point [D]flag pole
[G]So a [Em]mushroom I [C]must ob[D]tain

[G]Mushroom [Em]mushroom o [C]super [D]mushroom
[G]Mushroom [Em]mushroom that [C]makes you [D]grow
[G]I want the [Em]mushrooms, the [C]super [D]mushrooms
[G]So Iíll [Em]have some[C]thing to [D]show

So I piped down to the Mushroom Kingdom
And Super Mushrooms I chanced to smell
I jumped up and punched the question block
And my pride began to swell

Mushroom mushroom o super mushroom
Mushroom mushroom that makes you grow
I want the mushrooms, the super mushrooms
So Iíll have something to show

I fought my way through death and danger
To save my princess from Bowserís abode
But my princess was in another castle
So I had to settle for single-player mode

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