"The Good Ship Venus"

Intr: C G C
[C]On the [G]good ship [C]Venus
By [C]Christ you [G]should have [C]seen us
The [F]figurehead was a [C]whore in bed
[F]Sucking a [G]dead man's [C]penis

The [C]captain's [G]name was [C]Lugger
By [C]Christ he [G]was a [C]bugger
He [F]wasn't fit to [C]shovel shit
From [F]one ship [G]to a[C]nother

And the second mate was Andy
By Christ he had a dandy
Till they crushed his cock on a jagged rock
For cumming in the brandy

The third mate's name was Morgan
By God he was a gorgon
From half past eight he played till late
Upon the captain's organ

The captain's wife was Mabel
And by God was she able
To give the crew their daily screw
Upon the galley table

The captain's daughter Charlotte
Was born and bred a harlot
Her thighs at night were lily white
By morning they were scarlet

The cabin boy was Kipper
By Christ he was a nipper
He stuffed his ass with broken glass
And circumcised the skipper

The wireless operator
Was a clever masturbator
With every jolt he sent his bolt
Across the oscillator

The cook his name was Freeman
And he was a dirty demon
And he fed the crew on menstrual stew
And hymens fried in semen

And the ship's dog was called Rover
And we turned the poor thing over
And ground and ground that faithful hound
From Teneriff to Dover

When we reached our station
Through skillful navigation
The ship got sunk in a wave of spunk
From too much fornication

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