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geekandmisandry: Finn haters are ridiculous. I saw someone saying that he was “not important to the...

January 2 2018, 9:58am


Finn haters are ridiculous. I saw someone saying that he was “not important to the plot” in TLJ. And for starters, yes he did affect the plot. But also, even if he didn’t drive the main focus of the movie to its next place that is no way to say he’s not important to the story.These people act like they hate movies to be honest, like if you think that characters only have value if they do something overt to the plot then you must not appreciate a good portion of the movie, of the character development, of anything other than what is directly in front of you. The reality is that people don’t hold other characters to these standards and demand that they push the movie forward to have value. Their existence as a development of the personality of the films and universe is very often justice enough. Never mind that Finn actively does push the story forward at several moments, but he’s held up as a character with no value. Like, didn’t you see him struggling with his own conflict, his own past decisions, didn’t you see him questioning the world and what is right and wrong? Didn’t you see him choose, once and for all, a side? Something worth dying for? Didn’t you see that he had a friend who thought he was worth dying for? Didn’t you see his battle with Phasma where he overcame a spectre of his abuse and defeated his own inner demons? All of these things he did were important and relevant and he was amazing in this movie. And sure, you can say you just disagree, maybe you genuinely do. But I think the way Finn has been constantly treated gives me pause on thinking there is no darker motive behind this dislike of Finn and dismissal of his value to the series. When he was announced in TFA racists who didn’t want to be called racist lost their shit trying to say it broke canon to have a black stormtrooper (it didn’t), and now I’m hearing that he simply hadn’t added value and can’t be compared to other characters (in this instance, Luke) who contribute “something meaningful” to the plot. You’re not as subtle as you pretend to be.