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talonticus: I didn’t really care as much for Holdo as I assume TLJ meant for us to do, mostly...

December 29 2017, 1:17am


I didn’t really care as much for Holdo as I assume TLJ meant for us to do, mostly because I didn’t know who she was (I don’t read the movie era books). I mean, it wasn’t really all that interesting how she came in just to be a sort of adversary to Poe and then she gets to do all the “honorable” stuff. An idea that a friend mentioned to me was that it would’ve been better if an already established character, like Ackbar, was given the role and does the self-sacrifice, which could’ve given it a more emotional edge, and I like that idea. It would’ve been a much more worthy end for him too, rather than being killed almost off-screen. Having Ackbar in a more prominent position might’ve made all of those scenes more interesting as well, decreasing the hostility in Poe (because he probably knew Ackbar more) and perhaps allowing Poe a more important role for the survival of the crew, with the two of them deciding together how to keep the ship intact. At least I feel like Ackbar probably would’ve treated him with more respect than Holdo did. And then in the end, Ackbar tells Poe that he’ll stay with the ship. Those scenes could’ve shown Poe in a role of leadership, being tempered by the Admiral.But hey, I guess it was just preferable for the writers of this movie to have Poe be hasty, angry, and ultimately wrong. And since the movie writers rarely give a crap about aliens, other than as background noise or for comic relief, we couldn’t POSSIBLY feel any emotional attachment to a fishman

I dunno, though. I think wanting Ackbar in Holdo’s role is just another symptom of wanting everything to tie back to the OT instead of moving forward. Mainly I like getting introduced to new stuff and characters in the world because it also recaptures some of that in medias res feel of the OT; like, there’s more going on in the world than just what we see.