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December 26 2017, 9:15pm






I watched 50 First Dates on a plane when I was 14. More than any other horror movie, it’s stuck with me and haunted me and is, quite possibly, the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. And it’s supposed to be…a romantic comedy?  Am I alone in this? Is 50 First Dates high-octane nightmare fuel for anyone else?

If I woke up to find Adam Sandler in my bed I’d scream too, so yeah, I get that.

I mean, that too, but even if it weren’t Adam Sandler, she’d be living a life she couldn’t consent to. She’d wake up married to a man she couldn’t know, pregnant with children she hadn’t planned, chained to decisions she made in 14 hour windows, surrounded by family who were complete strangers to her, and eventually she’d wake up thinking she was like, 22 years old, only to realize that she was suddenly in the body of an elderly woman. She’d be unable to look back at her life and say whether it had been a happy one because she’d be dying of old age just on the threshold of adulthood. She could be manipulated into anything and incapable of consenting to pregnancy or parenthood or even marriage to a complete stranger who had total power over her. And it’s “cute” and “romantic” that she’s cajoled and manipulated into this. It was perhaps the skeeviest movie I’ve ever seen and Adam Sandler’s character creeped me the hell out. Edit: and you know that the damn video tape wouldn’t “work” every day. Pregnancy causes so many hormonal and emotional fluctuations that there would be days she’d be completely inconsolable and panicked and betrayed and that man smiling at her and telling her he’s her husband wouldn’t seem to charming and lovable. 

……………..holy shit

The movie even outright confirms throughout that this is what’s happening on occasion. There are bad days and her family has to resolve that they’ll start over the next day. There were bad days when they were deceiving her into thinking it was the day the accident happened (and they were doing that for years) and there continued to be bad days even after.