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‘the last jedi’ rampage

December 24 2017, 11:10am


y’all wanna act like ‘the last jedi’ was a bad movie? like it was a “disgrace to the star wars franchise”? you’re full of didn’t like it because you’re a fujoshi, fetishizing male relationships, and you didn’t get your “uwu gay babies uwu kiss kiss stormpilot is in love uwu” interaction? didn’t like it because you’re “anti-reylo”? you think you’re SUCH a good ally to abuse victims by acting like you know a goddamn THING about how we feel? like you’re all high and mighty because you don’t “romanticize abusive relationships uwu”? bullshit. you know what? no one fucking asked you. as an abuse victim, i happen to LIKE seeing the ways abuse can change a person represented on the big screen, like seeing the ways people can react to it and redeem themselves or fall. sorry you have the intelligence quotient of a porg and have reduced the kylo/rey interaction to a simple ship, reduced it to an abusive relationship, reduced it and acted like the films have romanticized it and shown it in any other way than fucked up. (rey slashed kylo’s face open. what part of that makes you think you need to inform us that it’s not healthy?? uh, we realize ?????) get’re a luke skywalker fan and you don’t like his “character assassination”? lol, sorry white boys, that your sci-fi power fantasy self-insert from the original trilogy got some actual character development and flaws. farm nobody shows up to the rebellion and blows up the death star like “this bitch empty, YEET”? right. and you call rey a “mary sue.” luke is a better character than he’s ever been, die mad about it.not to mention all of the fucking badass poc and other minority representation in this movie. poe is a badass with character development! finn is a badass with character development! rose is, SURPRISE, a badass with character development!!! sorry y’all mad that this isn’t the prequels and original trilogy with a bunch of white boys and one (1) token black guy anymore!y’all really think this is just a rehashing of the original trilogy? headasses. remind me of when darth vader went beserk after killing palpatine and tried to convince luke to rule the galaxy with him. remind me of when luke told yoda to go fuck his coward self and took off to save the world on his own. remind me of when a character even ANYTHING like finn, poe, and rose ever existed in the original trilogy. when did leia ever use the force onscreen before? when did a strong, named female character sacrifice her life like paige tico and admiral holdo did to save the rebellion? when did the Big Bad change halfway through the series unexpectedly, showing the delicate balance of evil in the face of good? WHEN DID WE GET SUCH BADASS POC/MINORITY REPRESENTATION? WHEN DID WE EXPLORE THE DEEP, DEBILITATING PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF WAR? HUH?i could go on for days, but y’all make me SO FUCKING TIRED. goodnight