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Why You Should Be Reylo (seriously tho) Part 2

December 21 2017, 9:11pm


Now let’s take on Kylo from Rey’s perspective.  Unlike him, she’s never had a life worth living.  She was betrayed so young it’s practically her first memory, so the idea that the people you love and count on the most aren’t reliable or trustworthy isn’t news to her.  She’s never had a future or any hope of one, so she’s been building up her skills, biding her time.  She believes there must be a way off Jakku, that her life doesn’t end here, that there won’t be a place in some slaver’s grave for her.  But how?  The only even semi-realistic way is that her parents will come back, so she builds up this whole narrative in her head about them, an extremely common coping mechanism among orphans.  They’ll come back and when she does she’ll be ready.All the skills she learns on Jakku are things to help her survive in the greater galaxy when the time comes.  First of all, she’s a Vulnerable Citizen in every respect: poor, female, physically small, politically impotent.  Self-defense skills are crucial.  Next off, she needs a trade that will make her valuable in any situation, so she becomes a mechanic.  This is an entire universe that survives on its tech, if she can fix and build she can go anywhere.  Lastly, both because she dreams of adventure and for the more practical purposes of being able to jump ship if she lands in a bad situation again, she becomes a pilot.  Everything she is she’s tailored to That Day when her family comes back, when her escape hatch opens up.  She’s so tied to her mental narrative that when Finn shows up and she kind of sort of accidentally leaves Jakku she doesn’t want to.  This is not how it was supposed to go; she’s supposed to leave with her family, she’s supposed to have some kind of support network of reliable people who love her, who can show her the galaxy and keep her safe.Completely accidentally, she ends up getting that.  Finn, Han, Chewie, Maz, they’re all wonderful.  She likes them, she can trust him, she begins to realize she doesn’t need the my-family’s-coming-back narrative anymore.  Kylo kidnaps her out of that, the new Vader, the most dangerous and evil person in the galaxy.  She wakes up in his clutches, bound and terrified, right where she’s always feared she would end up if she went off on her own.  It’s fear of this exact situation- a new and foreign kind of helplessness, one where she doesn’t know how to navigate or protect herself- that kept her on Jakku so long.Kylo takes off his helmet and gives her fear a face, but it’s not the one she expects.  He’s not cruel or abusive or vindictive, even though he’s in a position of power.  Everyone she’s ever known who was powerful was a slaver and they were cruel beyond belief, but he’s completely different.  She’s still scared but she gets her feet back under her.  By the time he leaves she’s becoming confident in the power of the Force inside her, a power she has on her own that isn’t subject to (slave to) anyone or anything else.  She uses it to escape, first from her bonds, then from the planet itself.  During their battle Kylo changes yet again.  He wants her, her power and her potential and her strength, he insists he can teach her how to use it and make it bend to her will.  She doesn’t believe him, why should she?  He wants to tell her what to do, and she’s had a whole lifetime of people who want to tell her what to do.On Ahch-To the Force link picks up and she is forced to confront Kylo yet again, forced to listen to him, forced to consider that power and people who have it are more complex then buy-and-sell slavers.  In fact, he’s right about almost everything, more right than Luke, who doesn’t exactly welcome her with open arms nor do anything to prove himself worthy of her trust or her long journey to find him.Kylo is the only one listening, Kylo is the only one who cares, so naturally she starts to turn towards him.  There’s no confession required on her part– he already knows her deepest secret, her need for and reliance on her parents coming back.  He doesn’t judge her when she keeps pursuing that, he listens to her questions, he’s completely honest and open.  OF COURSE she gravitates towards him. And when push comes to shove it’s revealed that LUKE is the one who’s evil, the hero is the one who made a mistake.  Kylo’s the only one in her corner, and she sees a future with him where it will always be that way.  She takes the chance, she goes to him.In Snoke’s chamber all of Rey’s wildest fears are confirmed.  Her power doesn’t make her safer, it doesn’t make her invulnerable, it’s actually putting her in MORE DANGER.  She’s not strong enough to protect herself and gets treated accordingly.  All the skills she taught herself, all the precautions she took, they were for nothing. She’s tortured and Kylo, who she thought she could trust, won’t even look at her in Snoke’s presence.  She’s put on her knees in front of him but she still hopes, even when he’s holding his lightsaber at her throat, against all odds, that he will come through for her.  He’s never lied before, so her only chance is that she was right when she guessed that everything he’s said about not wanting to hurt her wasn’t a lie either.He kills Snoke, they fight together, and everything’s finally the way she hoped it would be.  Their reliance on each other, trust in each other, is absolute.  But when the chips are down afterwards he doesn’t come through.  In the same moment he forces her to acknowledge that her dreams of My Happy Family Returns are just dreams, he’s still completely sold on his own fantasy of leaving everything else to die and starting something new and different from the ashes.  But Rey doesn’t want to rule; she’s seen what the people are like who rule over others and it’s not pretty.  She wants a world where the helpless people, like her, are given worth, a voice, a way to be safe.So she leaves, but it’s not without that final look back.  Kylo is still where she hopes this is all leading to but he’s not all she has in the known universe.  Finn is waiting for her, Chewie, Leia, a cause she can believe in and friends she has faith in.  She’s looking back at a man who doesn’t have any of that and wants him to see that she’s willing to share her portion with him.