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ebullient-tangent: Browsing around Star Wars photos and found...

December 21 2017, 9:13pm


Browsing around Star Wars photos and found this. Do you know how cool this would be?

Imagine Kylo realizing what he did. (And also about how Darth Vader saving Luke) and being the second know sith to come back to the light to save his family. The first being his grandfather! (Don’t know if revan exists in Canon plus his situation was kind of different). Imagine him being embraced by his General Leia and chewie telling him they forgive him.

And then Rey, who finds out about her family and/or something so terrible she gives in to this deep seated hatred that she hid for so long under a optimistic attitude and foolish belief that she was not abandoned on Jakku and joins under Snoak. Revealing a much deeper character than we thought.

Then Kylo has a moment where he’s begging her to come back. That if he could do it, so could she. She says it’s too late and he has some cool line about how it’s never too late.

Plus do you know how absolutely badass it would be for Kylo to enter snoak’s throne room. Han’s blaster in hand with chewie at his side and Snoak commands Kylo to submit and he retorts with. “My name…is Ben… and I am a Jedi, Like my grandfather before me.” Before Rey comes in to try to finish what she started.

Still not sure who will lose a hand in VIII though.