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Previous anon, and I totally get what you're saying about how Kylo ultimately has to save himself, which is an interesting dynamic and departure from the original theme, but I have to disagree with your assessment of Leia's motivations and where she's at at that moment. I refuse to believe that she didn't feel that Kylo couldn't kill her. Their "stare down" was too intense for that to have fallen flat. And still believing that there's good in him doesn't = saving him. But that's just me. :)

December 21 2017, 9:15pm

She may have felt that Kylo wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger, or she may even have felt the moment he made the choice to abstain; she may have mistaken the shot for his, I haven’t quite made up my mind on the point.  Possibly we will never know.I’m not saying she doesn’t believe in the good in him.  Perhaps she does, perhaps she doesn’t.  My argument is that she’s deciding that, at least publicly, her line on it is “my son is dead” both because she’s the leader of the Resistance he’s fighting and because she doesn’t want anyone else she loves to die at his hands.  Quite possibly she still does love him and believe in him, but she’s chosen to take the stance that will protect the most people she can.