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Rey, The Island, & The Force

December 21 2017, 10:25pm


“Ughhhhh Rey is too good at being a Jedi. So unrealistic.”- A Neckbeard who hates movies and fun, circa Dec. 18th, 2015I’ve heard this argument a few times over the weekend and I think it’s dumb. There’s a very good reason she’s so good at all this Jedi stuff.Rey has been Force sensitive for years and didn’t know it.Sure, you’re saying, “well duh, a Jedi is a Jedi whether they know it or not,” but hear me out. A small child likely wouldn’t have the mental stability to survive being abandoned by her “parents” and left to live alone on a desolate desert planet. For someone who’s spent the last 15 years or so scavenging for scrap metal, she’s pretty well adjusted. The nightly check-marks she makes on her wall show supreme mental dedication, as does her survival on Jakku in general.Having trained for years with her Futuristic Bo Staff of Doom (TM), picking up a lightsaber would be second nature. Also, I’m sure her dormant Force powers subconsciously assisted her in physical combat her whole life. Even when she’s trying to negotiate food rations, she’s subconsciously using her Force powers to try and get the most food for her scrap. Because she’s not an “awakened” Jedi, it doesn’t necessarily work (or work as well as later in the film).One last thing I want to to touch on before discussing the header image, is that Kylo Ren’s interrogation of Rey may have triggered a Force defense mechanism that causes Rey’s powers to manifest more quickly. Ren’s Force Mind Read ™ could very well be the impetus for Rey’s powers blossoming.Furthermore, during the interrogation Kylo mentions that Rey sees “an island” when she sleeps. He assumes that island is fictional, an image Rey uses to help herself sleep at night. Turns out, this island isn’t a dream. It’s the exact island she finds Luke on. Meaning, she was Force sensitive enough to pick up on Luke’s whereabouts without even realizing it. She could potentially be the most powerful Jedi of all time,