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So in my overnight development into a Jessika Pava fan, I found something.

December 21 2017, 10:27pm


Back at the Star Wars Celebration like in April, Disney displayed some props from Episode VII, including a model of the new X-Wing fighter. Turns out, it was almost certainly Jessika’s X-Wing.We all know her call sign is Blue Three, right? Now, Luke’s call sign was Red Five (in Ep. IV, at least, before Rogue Squadron), and this was his fighter:You can tell it’s Luke/Red Five, because of the markings on the wing: five lines in red. Further, here’s an old toy featuring Wedge Antilles, aka Red Two:Two lines in red. Red Two. Now, here’s the model of the new Episode VII X-Wing shown at Star Wars Celebration:And here’s a better view of the wing markings:Three lines in blue. Blue Three. Jessika Pava. (Assuming the same basic system is in place.) So, that’s a model of Jess’s X-Wing. Now that we know what it looks like, let the fanart continue.Side note: It looks like this fighter was Blue Five once, and it was repainted to be Blue Three. Maybe Jess used to be Blue Five? Maybe this fighter used to be someone else’s? Hmmm… Let fan theories commence.