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zaylabeth: TLJ Question **SPOILERS**So my husband has a theory about what happens between Kylo Ren...

December 21 2017, 10:35pm


TLJ Question SPOILERSSo my husband has a theory about what happens between Kylo Ren & Snoke in TLJ. He made a point that I haven’t seen any other articles make but I wanna know what you guys think!He says that in previous Star Wars stories, it’s part of the journey to becoming a Sith Lord for a dark side apprentice to kill his master. Now, we’ve heard people argue that the Sith no longer exist at this point in TLJ. So I won’t use that word just in case. BUT do you think Snoke KNEW Kylo Ren would kill him at some point, knowing it would make Ren stronger and pull him more to the dark side?My husband is convinced that Kylo Ren is just one step closer to becoming the ultimate evil villain now that he’s killed Snoke. I’m a full-on Reylo shipper and Ben Solo fan so I’d LIKE to think he did it because he’s on the path to redemption, whether that means turning to the light side or teaming up with Rey to find a balance. What do you guys think of this theory? Please let me know, I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it!!