all of leia’s Looks, ranked from perfect to perfect

December 21 2017, 7:54pm


classic. unmatched. perfectly iconic. femininity without being flashy and paired with flat-soled boots so she can MOVE. rosy cheeks and red lips but not ones that try too hard. 10/10 BRAID CROWN!! comfortable and flattering–even the heels arent impractically designed but theyre SILVER so u know its a Statement Outfit. 11/10 H A I R .  S PA CE J E WE LRY . SUBTLE SHIMMER OF A SOLID GREY ENSEMBLE. sheer perfection, peak general Lewks. 12/10 no human being has a right to pull off a camouflage poncho but here she is doing it!! must be those skywalker genes. 13/10 skipping this one matching her rouge and lip to the dress but its just effortless. waist SNATCHED and pleated vest works somehow??? the circle braid symbolizes my love for leia: ENDLESS 14/10 100% butch realness out here lookin like ur frontierswoman aunt abt to teach u how to drive stick shift and introduce u to her goats. iquonicc 15/10 classic hair with a Twist for the modren era. professional af and a perfect blue w/ the collar details, OOH BABY 16/10 this is the I Am Giving You Orders outfit and made me gay 17/10 this is the I Am Rescuing You outfit and it made me even gayer when she took the helmet off 18/10 absolute nature dryad fairy royalty surrounded by tiny furry dudes. this is the state of being i hope to transcend to in the afterlife 19/10