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kissing-thunder: Star Wars: TLJ spoilers ahead!!!Okay so I have seen this movie 3 times in the last...

December 21 2017, 8:02pm


Star Wars: TLJ spoilers ahead!!!Okay so I have seen this movie 3 times in the last week. I love it. It’s spectacular. I had a few problems with it but nothing to far outside of the norm. Now!Popular// unpopular opinion time! I really didn’t love they way they had Finn act in the beginning of this film, it kind of felt as though he really never cared about the rebellion or anyone that was part of it outside of Rey and Poe. As if all of that character development in TFA never happened. Leia has always been force sensitive, but unless she has had some kind of real training then that whole scenario of her coming back to the cruiser after being forcibly blown out of it is super unrealistic. If she had been closer OR she had grabbed hold of something to pull her back in, I would have felt better about it. I’m perfectly fine with Finn and Rose together so long as the do it the right way IX, I loved her character and how devoted she was. I do not, nor will I ever ship ReyLo- I love their chemistry on screen and I thoroughly enjoyed everything that they did with the two of them in this movie. However, Rey doesn’t need that kind of mental manipulation and abuse. He’s a messed up kid, she can’t get tangled in that without becoming unstable. All of that being said THE SEXUAL TENSION IN THEIR SCENES WAS ASTOUNDING AND I LOVED THE INTERACTION OH WOW!I think Kylo lied to Rey about her parents, I feel that they wouldn’t have made such a big deal about her parents in TFA & TLJ if it wasn’t going to be a significant plot point. I’m not sure what my official vote is on who her parents were/ are (maybe she s a Kenobi or descended from another Jedi line?) all I know is I don’t think you get to be that in tune with the force as a random junk traitors kid. Luke’s death will be more significant in the following film because it needs to be explained. Was he actually wounded by kylos lightsaber and blaster/gun attack? After all Kylo and Rey managed to touch hands, maybe he was physically affected by the attacks??Was the effort he put forth to project his being off of the island to much for him to handle? I think they will handle Carries death by have a couple year time jump between TLJ and IX and simply writing her out of the story with her death in the beginning screen crawl. Okay now you have my opinions, views and thoughts! Thanks for reading, come talk to me about it if you want!

I have a lot of the same feelings, but I love that they’re trying to separate the essence of Star Wars and the force from all this Force Royal Family stuff