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kayardia: spoilers for tlj below ok you know what? unpopular opinion. I LIKE that rey is a...

December 21 2017, 8:12pm


spoilers for tlj below ok you know what? unpopular opinion. I LIKE that rey is a ‘nobody’because guess what? she’s the fricking opposite to douchebag ‘let the past die’ kyle ron. He is a fanatic about his bloodline; as is Snoke, who wanted to carve him into new Darth Vader, and he is obsessed with fulfilling his grandfather’s destiny. He was expected to be something great bc his parents are freaking Han Solo and Princess Leia, his uncle is the the legendary Luke Skywalker. What did he do? He threw it away. He had everything, two parents who were heroes, and he chose to follow his darker bloodline to fulfil his destiny, his ‘birthright’. Rey has none of that shit. She, apparently, is special of her own right. Maybe her parents are somebodies. Maybe Kylo was lying. But what if he wasn’t? What if rey really is nobody? And if she is… maybe we can accept that she is special on her own. She has something and it bloomed and awakened in her. Because when she was nobody and seemed to have nothing, she did have something.Love. Kindness. Hope. The Force. It manifested in her - so what if her parents weren’t big heroes or deadly villains? These qualities developed in Rey on her own. By herself. Kyle Ron was ‘raised right’ and still he tossed it away. He’s consumed by his privilege and his anger. Doesn’t it remind you of Finn? Finn was a freaking stormtrooper stolen as a baby. He had no CHANCE to be raised right - but he made the conscious choice to desert. Do we know who Han Solo’s parents were? Do we care? HELL NO. Han Solo is cool OF HIS OWN RIGHT. So why can’t we accept rey and finn?Star Wars and the Jedi and Sith have always been about inheritance, true. Rey and Finn are a breath of fresh air, something new. Maybe she’s that spark that is needed to finally set the universe back into balance. Maybe these heroes are the ones who come from nowhere, and get to somewhere. And that’s how these heroes are gonna smack the shit out of Kylo Ren. We are not our parents. That is one message behind a lot of Star Wars philosophy. It made Luke who he is. It made Kylo Ren what he became. And it’s making Rey too. So what if she’s not got a big shot dad or mum? She’s got something. It’s herself, and the qualities that make her good. And I think that could more inspiring than fan theory of the month whos yo daddy.