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Am I the only one saddened by the fact that Kylo made such epic strides to (eventually) becoming Ben again only to have Leia "there's still good in him" Organa turn around and tell Luke that her son is dead. :/// He couldn't even pull the trigger to kill her, so I'm just what the hell?

December 21 2017, 8:25pm

Y’all just love to get me talking, so here we go!First of all, a chitchat about Leia and Kylo’s dynamic right now.  He killed her husband, his father, with no remorse.  LEIA SENT HAN TO KYLO REN TO DIE when she said “there’s still good in him” and “bring our son home”.  If she’d told him at that time “my son is dead” Han would be alive.  No ifs, ands, or buts, just the honest truth.Also, at this point she may well think he tried to kill her, since he was flying towards her with his finger on the trigger when she and her whole bridge crew got blown into empty space.  Even if she knows he didn’t himself fire the gun, he was leading the fighters.  He nearly killed Poe, he DID kill almost every other TIE fighter crew member.  He nearly killed Finn, he’s tried to kill Rey.  There’s very few people she cares about that Kylo Ren has not done his best to kill, and the list of people left to kill is getting shorter every day.Leia has seen none of Ben’s epic strides.  Even when she does, he’s in love with Rey and… okay?  He still tries to obliterate the Rebellion moments later.  He killed Snoke, so what?  He’s the new Supreme Leader, so from the Rebellion’s perspective it doesn’t come off as a huge sacrifice for him.  And there’s only so far you can separate one man from the movement he represents.  Kylo Ren undeniably IS the First Order now.All this started because of Luke, who she forgives, telling him in essence that it’s no one’s fault when Force users turn to the dark side.  But at the same time she can’t stand the idea that she’s about to potentially lose another man she loves, to say nothing of her whole Rebellion and her own life, to Kylo Ren.  So instead of making the mistake of “bring our (now just ‘my’) son home”, she says “my son is dead”.From her perspective there’s really no other choice left to her, and her quiet, pained acceptance of who Kylo has become underscores the decision Rey makes to walk away from him.  Both of the women in his life, and simultaneously the two people who care for him most,  give up on him because if he’s going to change he has to do it.  No more rescue missions, no more grieving widows.  Either Kylo Ren steps up to the plate or he doesn’t but from here on out it’s on him.