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Why You Should Be Reylo (seriously tho) PART 1

December 21 2017, 8:40pm


Darling, it will be a pleasure.  (I’ve cut this into bits because HOO BOY, it got long.)Consider Rey as a character from the point of view of how she effects Kylo as a character, completely disregarding any romantic element.  We have a man with all the formal training, all the skills, all the power, but none of the right headspace.  He’s not sure of anything, he’s a loose cannon, he’s all over the map.  Psychologically speaking he’s the victim of severe emotional trauma (at the hands of Luke) and physical trauma (torture with Snoke).  Look at Kylo’s arc.  He went to the light, they didn’t want him, THEY TRIED TO KILL HIM.  He went to the dark, they pretended to want him but are in reality just using him.  Look at how Snoke reacted when his apprentice ALMOST DIED.  Kylo got shot center mass by Chewie’s crossbow, a crossbow that had previously killed two stormtroopers with one blast.  It’s amazing he wasn’t cut in half, AND THEN he still tries to continue the mission and fulfull his master’s orders to capture Rey.  In his battle with Rey she misses killing him by a literal inch (the slash to the face).  HE REALLY DID ALMOST DIE, HE BARELY MAKES IT BACK, and  Snoke denigrates him in every possible way.  His actions (how could you not catch her?) his aspirations (you’re no Vader), even his place at Snoke’s side (I can see now the desert girl is who I should be training).  The dark treats him very nearly worse than the light, but at least here he has some power, some control.  It’s not good, but it’s what he’s got.So it’s from this POV he meets Rey.  She’s his exact opposite as a Force user; she has no training, no real skill, just raw power, but her head is screwed on straight.  She knows what she wants, what she believes in, and she fears nothing.  But in so many other ways they are the same.  She doesn’t have a real family, neither does he– remember that Jedi trainees are taken from their family as young as possible, and Luke specifically says Leia trusted him with her son, used the phrase ‘GAVE ME’ their boy.  It’s not likely Kylo’s spent a lot of time with his parents.  Also like him Rey has also been abused, beaten, denigrated.  She gets it.He can’t help but be interested in her.  The Knights of Ren notwithstanding, we’ve seen no proof there are any other Force users out there.  And this girl, with no training and a stupid amount of sheer bravado, is seeking out Luke and going down EXACTLY the path he’s been down.  He knows what happens next.  In urging her to come to the dark side he’s not just saying ‘join me’, he’s trying to convince her to skip the messy bits in between.  He thinks the light will reject her, as it rejected did him.  Somehow, some way, he manages to convince her to come to him, he sees a future with them standing side by side in the power of the dark Force.  She says she’s not here to surrender, he accepts that.  There must be a process in between.  He saw a picture of the future but not how they get there, but he wants it enough to wait it out and see how it happens.Snoke takes her, he tortures her, fine.  Kylo’s not happy about it but he endures.  This must be the process.  She’s screaming, she’s crying, she’s trying to fight back, okay.  The ways of the Force aren’t always easy to understand.  He doesn’t know which bit will break her the way it did him, but he’s sure something will.  Next thing she’s on her knees in front of him, he’s ordered to execute her, and this is not how things were supposed to go.  Snoke reveals the whole thing was a lie AGAIN, the whole thing was a trap AGAIN, but for Rey.  Everything he warned her would happen if she didn’t come to him happened because she DID come to him.  And now he finds himself back in the moment when Luke tried to kill him, but in the opposite role.  He’s the one with the lightsaber, the one with the power, and he can strike down this threat, this strong and dangerous but young and innocent opposition.  He doesn’t do it, he can’t.  She’s everything he ever was but she’s still FIGHTING BACK and he realizes the one thing he never did was FIGHT BACK.  He’s always reacting, defending, trying to appease, but he never lashes out against the thing hurting him.  It’s a blow-by-blow classic abuse scenario; he takes it and just tries to do whatever makes the enemy stop hitting him, too beaten to consider what happens if he hits back.  Well this time, because of her, HE HITS BACK.This isn’t the moment of redemption, no.  He fights with Rey to protect her from what happened to him, to protect himself from this vicious cycle he’s been living with, but when the moment comes he can’t bring himself to pull the trigger on the decision that will put him literally right back at the start of how all of this went down.  That’s what he tries to communicate to Rey with his offer– that this is THE ONLY time he’s ever been confident in his use of the Force with someone else since Luke’s betrayal, that he trusts her but only her, that he’s not willing to put himself back into the power of another.  It’s never once worked out for him, but Rey is his equal.  It’s not a question of who’s in control with her, it’s a partnership, she’s not above him and he’s not above her.  He can maybe be safe with her.  He can maybe find a new way, a better way, forward with her, but he’s not convinced that better way is by going backward to the nth degree.She rejects him but the foundation is laid.  Kylo has started to consider that there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, even if he doesn’t know exactly what it is yet or how he’s supposed to get there.  But for the first time in a long time there might be an end to his story that he actually wants to see.