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hokay thoughts about the last jedi

December 18 2017, 10:28am


SPOILERS. DUH. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  -‘hugs? general hugs?’ poe is the sassy gay space son and i love him -bless whoever wrote this line for poe-‘finn? naked? leaking? what?’ -luke’s first line is ‘go away’ G O O D G O D -the first force bond-‘what the hell is happening wait rey is that you-‘ ‘YOU MONSTER’ -luke being a grumpy old man is meme quality shit  -rey’s been holding that saber out in front of her for 2 years and the dude just tosses it over his shoulder -yoda setting shit on fire and laughing -leia slapping poe in the face and giving him a demotion-leia saying ‘not today bitch’ to death -and then the first thing she does when she recovers from her coma is stun poe dameron in her bathrobe you cannot not love this woman -the second force bond-‘hi i’m shirtless’ ‘is this a bad time?’ ‘ummmm’  -‘can you put on a cowl or something?’ #rejected -(partially worried that now i’m going to see shirtless ben built like a tree™ all over tumblr i mean not that i have a problem but eh whatever)-‘do you think we got him?’ hux is sassy but classy-and then ben just slaps him in the face and he goes flying-’i want every gun we have to fire on that man’ ben plz you drama queen -rey being a sassy kickass bitch -‘you aren’t busy, i’ve seen your routine’-quick tangent but in the next movie i think rey won’t be a jedi, she’ll just be a hella good fighter and a hella good force wielder (like what i really dreamt of beimg when i was younger tbh)-the rey & ben fight scene was really well choreographed and i love it -i’m really loving how ben’s character is being fleshed out -he killed snoke for a strange collage of reasons: he wanted power. that much is pretty obvious. but i believe a small part of him wanted to save rey.  -i mean after the battle alongside her he offers her a position of power next to him and he totally thought they could have a future together and i kinda love it -he genuinely thought they could have a future together ;_;-finn and rose have crash landed in an imperial craft, dressed in imperial uniforms, looking shocked and panicked and the gay space bean says ‘where’s my droid?!’ and just nuzzles bb-8 like his puppy -rose is a precious bean and an amazing character i love her -‘i saved you, you dummy’ -i sense anger and a coup in hux  -ben not killing leia just AUGH F E E L S -the porgs being cute but not overused-chewbacca being like ‘why the hell are these things on my ship i didn’t ask for this’-the symbolism of ben’s gloves -okay serious talk for a bit i don’t really care what the truth is, i just know that luke knows he made a mistake and is trying to cope with it so i understand why he is today-now back to memes-‘see you around kid’ LUKE YOU SAVAGE-and the dice in the millennium falcon -leia has the real set and ben got some sort of fake and AUGH MORE F E E L S -luke showing up to kick ben’s ass in a black gucci suit with a fresh haircut -i mean like-luke and leia are clearly amidala’s children you can see it in their fashion choices -but why didn’t he just astral project himself onto the battlefield? -maybe something like this ‘okay time to teleport’ ‘roll the d20’ ‘okie dokie’ ‘you’re off by 100 yards’ ‘GODDAMNIT’ -i’m kinda getting one sided love vibes from finn and rose tbh in conclusion thank you carrie fisher for blessing us with your talent and love you were a great actress may the force be with you