daily-reylo: I don’t think Rey is “attacking” Luke.Hey guys! Just wanted to point something out...

November 2 2017, 10:29pm


I don’t think Rey is “attacking” Luke.Hey guys! Just wanted to point something out real quick. (excuse the mess, i made this at 6am before school.)In my 6 years of experience in video editing I noticed the shot of what Rey seems to be holding up her lightsaber to attack Luke, is actually reversed. Let me show you.This is the shot in the trailer.Now, it can be very difficult to see, but I want you to look VERY up close at how her face and chest move. It’s very wonky, lags in body movement, and just overall doesn’t look right. Her facial expression doesn’t change in a natural way. Her hand moves in a reversal way that also isn’t natural. This particular scene they picked makes it a little difficult to see, but there’s a certain “effect” when it comes to reversed scenes that you have to look out for, and this scene has got it. Her facial expression also doesn’t match what she’s doing. She’s “attacking” someone yet she looks relieved like she’s about to talk to somebody, or she’s thinking about something. It’s just a very non-aggressive expression that is way too blank to be fighting somebody. Compared to how angry we’ve seen Rey in TFA and the TLJ trailer, this is NOTHING.This is the same shot in I put in reverse. It doesn’t look wonky at all and has accurate natural body/face movements, everything matches together unlike the previous shot. She’s reacting in a natural way. This is the correct scene in the movie.So, essentially, she’s putting her saber down for someone she was PREVIOUSLY planning to attack. While the scene with Luke still looks like it’s at the same moment, in my opinion it’s more likely she’s putting down her saber for Kylo, especially since many leaks said they were going to have a conversation. We already know they’re going to be on Ahch-To

together for sure.I understand there’s also leaks/rumors about Rey fighting Luke, but my theory is that Kylo came to Ahch-To, and when Rey tries to fight him, he says something to her to calm her down/interest her, and they go in a hut to talk. This scene probably wouldn’t be Rey training with a lightsaber just beause of the context of how the scene looks, also she has her hair down.Alas, who really knows!