Rey’s Modified Lightsaber

November 2 2017, 10:31pm


New bottom (note Palpatine's also looked like this there is a white tab on the bottom of it.)Tapered end Sparks on its own. Is Rey’s Kyber beginning to crack like Kylo’s? Kybers reflect their users. Could the immense power she possesses begin to crack it? Is she about to fight Kylo and she too is wavering between the dark and the light? Is this how Kylo’s Kyber cracked? If you listen closely, you can hear the saber make a waving noise when she is holding it still. I recommend you close your eyes and listen. Also, interesting to point out is that before the spark happens, it appears the lightsaber is already ignited. There is a blue glow already at the bottom of Rey’s shirt. So the sound of the saber is one of instability… its sparking and wavering while it is already on, not when turned on. We did hear a rumor Rey would modify her saber. The reason for this is most likely for the merchandise so we can distinguish between her saber and Anakin’s from here on out, making it her own. Huge thanks to @kyloxreytfa for collaborating with me!