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jediwhinetrick: deathbyhook: jediwhinetrick: Unpopular opinion about Snoke Throneroom...

October 26 2017, 12:22pm


deathbyhook: jediwhinetrick:

Unpopular opinion about Snoke Throneroom scenes  (apparently)… This scene: And this scene: Aren’t the same. Edit: to clarify, I believe the sets are the same – but that the TIMES are different. There’s actually substantial evidence and this is why I like to step back from fanon sometimes and absorb things to separate myself from it and have a more objective viewpoint of materials. My evidence is simple and pretty logical, I think. This scene: He destroys his helmet toward the beginning of the movie, as proven by this shot where he still has that goth aesthetic bandage: In the scene with Rey, it is clear she is in her 3rd Act costume. In the scenes with Kylo and Snoke, it appears he is still in helmet and when he removes it has the bandage from the 1st Act. I’m not saying this observation is 100% foolproof – trailers can be tricky afterall. But… my bet with what we have so far is that the Rey-Snoke / Praetorian Guard fight scene and the one with Kylo-Snoke and him destroying his mask are different scenes. I think this will actually play an important role in showing contrast in Kylo’s character development through his interactions and actions around Snoke – there will be a scene at the very beginning of the movie and right at the very end of it. We’ll see that whole transformation in a way that’s easy to compare. I also think he is likely destroying his helmet because Snoke has asked him to kill Leia. The heartbreaking scenes of him struggling with taking out the task are my evidence for this speculation: He is helmet-less here, which leads me to believe it’s after the scene where he destroys it. But since he still has that goth bandage over his scar, it’s got to be early on in the movie. We also know that Leia survives to make it on Crait and that she was slated to live out this movie. Anyway, this is just my personal interpretation of masked vs. maskless Kylo and how these scenes show a particular timeline that would likely disprove the initial Snoke throneroom scene (with Kylo) and the scene with Rey occurring simultaneously. And speaking of the character development and storytelling, it’s a more useful way to show that development.

@jediwhinetrick Yes. 100%… if they’re going to really catapult the connection between the Light/Rey for Kylo, they really have to set the ground work for the impending animosity Kylo will need to have towards Snoke. Especially if they are to convince the audience how much of a pawn Snoke views Kylo; separating the “villain” persona most people equate Ben Solo with; people need to be primed to forgive the character… I’d like to venture that we’re going to get paralleled scene in the movie where (first screen caps) Kylo is actually being tortured into penitence for failing to bring Snoke the girl, on Starkiller. Kylo has dropped his saber in the excruciating pain of the punishment, and Snoke degrades him/mocks him in front of the guard/knights whilst he picks up his saber. Then the “period” at the end of the scene is Snoke telling Kylo, Leia is next- helmet scene, and yada yada… Later- to parallel it- we see Rey being tortured, and Kylo flips. They kick ass. And live happily ever after… I mean… a girl can hope right?!

Yeah I really like that, actually. It hadn’t struck me that Snoke might be torturing Kylo at some point, but… oh damn I dunno if my little Reylo heart can handle seeing both these kids being tortured by Snoke in the same movie.Yeah, definitely think the scene of Rey being tortured is going to make Kylo SNAP. I think he’ll have fallen in love with her at that point, and that boy is NOT gonna be ok with Snoke hurting her. Also, that’s where the “fulfill your destiny” line will come in, I think. Snoke will be telling Kylo to kill Rey and prove his allegiance once and for all – after failing to kill his mother earlier.Only, Kylo’s real destiny is to work with Rey (not Snoke), and boy is gonna be fed up with Snoke at that point. That teaser scene we got the night before the official trailer of Kylo gripping his saber suuuuper hard in anger – yeah, imma bet that’s him watching Rey be tortured and preparing to flip out.